• One of a kind
  • From Ukraine
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A mesmerising and beautiful hand balance act

Flame uses fire as his medium, and dressed as a flame he performs an amazing hand balance act above a bowl of fire. Using canes to support him, this talented performer from the Ukraine performs a thrilling set of movements with great dexterity. Each piece is precisely executed in a dramatic and daring dance of skill and strength. Beautiful and hypnotic, this acrobatic show will surprise and delight your wedding guests. The fire theme is a wonderful touch, and will enhance your luxury wedding celebrations in an original and inspired way.

A one of a kind wedding ceremony entertainment

Flame is an exceptional piece of acrobatic hand balance from a remarkable performer who really knows how to put on a show. One of the most captivating acrobats working today, you and your guests will enjoy a wedding animation routine that really stands out. Certain to light up your evening and appeal to your guests, Flame is a great addition to your dinner reception. Please ask us for further information on Flame, or for details on how to include this amazing hand balance act in your evening.

Flame   Flame   Flame