• One of a kind
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

A talented performer and barman par excellence

Spoil yourself and your guests with delicious cocktails at your luxury wedding. The Flair Tender will provide you with an exceptionally skilled barman who will turn the bar into a stage at your cocktail reception or in your private club. Juggling and fire eating are all part of the show as your bartender creates a wide range of cocktails with style and panache. Speed is of the essence as he juggles bottles, glasses and cocktail shakers in a wedding performance that will excite and thrill your guests. No drink is too much trouble, and using special choreography the Flair Tender can come up with a sensational way to serve it.

Glamorous and impressive entertainment

Unlike other bar tenders, The Flair Tender has unique skills which turn serving drinks into a top show for you and your guests. Your cocktail party or club will sparkle and your guests will be lining up to enjoy a fabulous cocktail made by your all smiling, fire eating and juggling barman. If you’d like us to engage a skilled juggler and top entertainer from the Flair Tender for your evening celebrations, please contact us.

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