• Kind of artist: Acrobats
  • From: Germany
  • Perfect for: Dinner
  • Troup

Graceful and exceptional aerial fire act

Beautifully staged, ‘The Fire Chandelier’ takes acrobatics to new heights with a magical dance with fire from a special aerial chandelier. Using diaphanous silken sheets, the aerial troupe skilfully rise above you and your guests in a sensational performance that is in perfect harmony and synchronicity. A perfect choice for your luxury wedding dinner, this fire chandelier troupe are a graceful and romantic act that will enhance your very special celebrations.

Add an element of surprise with fire

Just as you and your wedding party think you’ve seen every move, ‘The Fire Chandelier’ introduce a spectacular aspect with the addition of fire. Glowing torches are held by the acrobats feet as they twirl high above you in a dazzling and exhilarating display. These agile and passionate aerial dancers will capture the hearts of your guests, as they soar in the firelight to create a romantic and touching finale to this memorable chandelier show. To enquire as to the availability of ‘The Fire Chandelier’ for your luxury wedding entertainment, or for further information on this act, please contact us by telephone or by using the contact form.

The Fire Chandelier  The fire Chandelier  The fire Chandelier