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A world famous artist and talented magician

In his native Cuba in 1980, the young Ernesto Planas Roldan saw an act by a talented magician and decided that this was something he wanted to try. Showing an amazing aptitude for magic, by 1986 Ernesto was Artistic Director of La Compania Magica Caribena and later became the company’s CEO. His skill and charismatic personality earned him numerous awards. However, a car accident in 1990 left Ernesto unable to walk and it was feared that he would be confined to a wheelchair for life. Undeterred, he developed his Close Up show in 1991. By 1992 Ernesto Planas could not only walk again, but had won awards for his exciting new close up magic techniques. The first Cuban to win the prestigious International Grand Prix, Ernesto relocated to Italy in 1999, where he began a new career – as a dancer. However, he was persuaded back into magic in 2007, and his incredible talents have established Ernesto as one of the top magicians and illusionists working today.

Famous for spectacular shows and surprise features

Ernesto Planas presents a fantastic magic show, illusion and skill that see him very much in demand as a luxury wedding performer. He has performed all over the world and made many television appearances. His outstanding parasol act where he produces not one or two, but dozens of colourful parasols from thin air won him his second Marlin Award for best tricks in 2011. Continuing to cut a dash on the dance floor, as well as taking his spectacular shows to new audiences, Ernesto Planas is a true showman.

Surprise your guests with a sensational wedding performance

Ernesto Planas is a wonderful addition to your wedding entertainment, and will delight guests of any age. Magic shows of this calibre will ensure that your dinner celebrations are truly memorable. We would be delighted to assist you in engaging Ernesto Planas for your wedding, so please contact us directly for further details on how to include this famous artist in your special day.

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