• Painting Artists
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A show painter with an innovative approach

Erik Black excels in the art of glitter painting, UV painting and speed painting and has perfected his techniques to create a thrilling show that will surprise your guests. Using glue with paint and glitter, Erik has evolved a fast routine which has made him a favourite for prestigious events all over Europe. Providing a unique live wedding painting show, Erik can completely customise his act to your event, delighting your guests with portraits of the bride and groom, character studies, logos and other remarkable pieces of art.

Live event painting for wedding entertainment

A wonderful choice for part of your luxury wedding dinner show, Erik Black has appeared on television and in front of many international audiences at one of a kind events. If you would like to consider Erik as part of your dinner celebration, we will be delighted to assist you in organising your own wedding painting and performing act. The speed of this UV live painter and his live gluing is the surprise factor, and your guests will be speechless as each piece of real art is realised. With his own unique creation, the 4 canvases, Erik appears to throw paint and glitter at 4 separate canvases in a random way. Only at the very last moment does Erik put the canvases together to reveal the beautiful portrait.

Erik Black Painting   Erik Black Painting   Erik Black Painting   Erik Black Painting