• Musicians
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Duo

A great latino duo with an innovative sound

Dilequesi Latino Jazz are two talented musicians who discovered a shared passion for jazz, latin jazz, swing and salsa. Pianist Richard Vicart spent much of his childhood on the ocean, due to his father’s passion for sailing. One night during a chance stop in Fort Lauderdale, the young Richard overheard a jazz pianist playing a few tunes in a hotel, and his love for the piano was born. Saxophonist and singer Jérôme Normand travelled the globe, picking up inspiration and learning his craft. Together they form Dilequesi Latino Jazz.

A wealth of experience and unique talent

Richard and Jérôme have toured extensively with Dilequesi Latino Jazz and continue to tour Europe from May to September each year, specialising in cocktail receptions and private dinners for private companies, events and openings in different locations including the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Asia, and Morocco, as well as prestigious cocktail parties and weddings in Provence in the South of France. Their magical blend of jazz and latino is an aural journey through the Caribbean and Brazil, with a nod to the speakeasy and jazz club culture of urban US cities. You can enjoy the best of this gifted duo between the months of October to March for contracts or on a freelance basis at very attractive rates. A sensational wedding performance act, enhance the romantic ambience of your luxury wedding with Dilequesi Latino Jazz.

A sensational choice of luxury wedding entertainment

Dilequesi Latino Jazz are an outstanding choice for your dinner reception, or for your cocktail party. An elegant and accomplished act with a magical repertoire of jazz and latin jazz music that adds a sensual and classy note to your luxury wedding, this extremely talented pair will thrill your guests. Please contact us, we can give you more information on how to book Dilequesi Latino Jazz for your special day, or help with any other details.

Dilequesi Latino Jazz   Dilequesi Latino Jazz   Dilequesi Latino Jazz   Dilequesi Latino Jazz