• One of a kind
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails, dinners and clubs
  • Solo, duo, trio or troupe

Surprise your guests with this original wedding animation

A one of a kind idea from France that will thrill your guests and add an exciting and glamorous edge to your wedding ceremony celebrations. Who doesn’t love Champagne? And diamonds? Combine the two for a fabulous evening where anything could happen. Each of your guests is served a very special glass of Champagne, to toast your happy union. Each glass contains a diamond – but is it a real diamond, or is it synthetic? With diamond experts and all their equipment on hand, Diams & Champ! is a wonderful surprise for your guests, especially the lucky few who go home with a real diamond.

One of a kind entertainment and a thrilling surprise attraction

Diams & Champ! is the perfect entertainment for your luxury wedding, especially if you have a gold theme. Your guests will enjoy the surprise of not knowing if they are one of the lucky ones who has a real diamond in their Champagne. This unusual luxury wedding attraction can be set up during your dinner or cocktail reception, or in your club in the evening. We will be pleased to offer further information on how you can make Diams & Champ! part of your special day.

Diams & Champ!   Diams & Champ!