• Musical Shows
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails, dinners and clubs
  • Trio

A cool, glamorous and best cover band for a luxury wedding

Deep Lounge House are one of the top acts of their type in Europe and they have taken their remarkable musical show to some of the world’s top international events. From London to Paris, Moscow to Marrakech, these talented artists have appeared in prestigious venues to highly appreciative audiences, as well as at numerous festivals and club nights. Deep Lounge House are Laurie or LJ, a gifted singer and dancer who sang with Seal, acclaimed saxophonist Dimitri or Dim Sax, and amazing percussionist Arnaud. These great performers are from France and are noted for their cool, elegant delivery, and their incredible repertoire and style as they produce an eclectic set that will have your guests on their feet in no time. You’re guaranteed a successful wedding party with a cover band of this calibre, and your guests will enjoy the sultry vocals and incredible musical backing immensely as they perform alongside a DJ to create their sensational sound. Talented artists who will make your wedding festivities all that you dream of, Deep Lounge House are an inspired choice of luxury entertainment.

A fantastic wedding performance to light up your night

These great performers play a range of cool music that will lend glamour and style to your cocktail celebrations, dinner reception or club. They are outstanding when it comes to creating the soulful, romantic atmosphere that enhances evening events so well. Equally suited to your cocktail party or dinner reception, Deep Lounge House are of course, the perfect club act. Your guests will love the feeling that they have enjoyed a really special and remarkable performance, and its a great way to celebrate your marriage. To find out more about Deep Lounge House and their remarkable musical show, or to enquire as to their availability on your special dates, please contact us. We will be delighted to assist you in making this top international band a sophisticated and very memorable part of the entertainment you choose for your luxury wedding.

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