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Select the most famous French magician for your big day

Dani Lary is indeed the most famous French magician, appearing often on French TV and is an outstanding artist who is in great demand for special events and shows. Now you can make this talented artist a very special part of your entertainment for your luxury wedding. Adept at surprise and with a range of tricks that will thrill your guests, Dani Lary has earned his magnificent reputation through sheer talent. His elegant routine and amazing command of the stage allows him to create spectacular illusions that you and your guests will be amazed by.

An illusionist with a command of the unexpected

Dani Lary is one of the most gifted European illusionists and he allows his tricks to speak for themselves. Classic big illusions such as the human cannonball are performed with elegance and in his own original style. Though some of the props are grand, Dani Lary lets his outstanding talent take over, and in his own way, captures the imaginations of audiences. Ideal for your dinner reception, we are delighted to be able to liaise with a Dani Lary’s magical show on your behalf, so please contact us for further information.

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