• One of a kind performers
  • From Portugal
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

Add an unexpected element to your luxury wedding dinner

The Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo perform as a couple to create a sensational and unique piece based on love that will enchant guests at your beautiful wedding dinner. A cyr wheel act is unusual and rare, and when it is infused with the deeply romantic elements that this cyr duo bring to the stage, it becomes very special indeed. A beautifully choreographed love act that will introduce an elegant and tantalising touch to your luxury wedding entertainment, Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo are skilled in the art of magical performance.

Dazzle your guests with cyr wheel performers

As the wheel spins, Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo employ strength, skill, dance, and acrobatics to create this passionate and beautiful display for you and your guests. Their agility and dedication to their craft, and their mastery of the wheel provides a spectacular feature as part of your luxury wedding entertainment. Should you wish to include a cyr wheel duo on at your celebration dinner, please allow us to provide you with more information on Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo.

Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo  Cyr Wheel Romantic Duo