• Aerial Shows
  • From Ukraine
  • Ideal for dinners
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Incredible performers with a spectacular show

Banquine is an originally Italian discipline that dates back to the middle ages and combines ballet with acrobatics. In these amazing aerial shows some of the acrobats act as the base and one as the flyer as they perform increasingly sensational routines. Treat guests attending your luxury wedding celebrations to something fabulous with Crazy Flights, a stunning banquine act that will most certainly prove to be a high point of your celebrations. Crazy Flights are made up of former Cirque du Soleil acrobats who have performed at outstanding events and occasions all over the world. A wonderful piece of entertainment, this superior aerial and acrobatic show will ensure you of a night to remember.

A one of a kind act for your luxury wedding dinner

Crazy Flights originally hail from Germany and this top acrobatic troupe are renowned for their skill, as well as exclusive and magnificent performances. Having travelled extensively, these talented artists now perform at prestigious events for highly appreciative and discerning audiences. Please contact us by telephone or via the form if you wish to surprise your guests with a banquine act and wedding performance to remember.

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