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Unique and amazing acts for your luxury wedding

A few years back, talented choreographer, dancer and singer, Sophie del Rosso decided to create her own wedding dance company where every form of dance would be represented. This highly flexible and adaptable company can create one of a kind personalised shows for your luxury wedding. In great demand for prestigious international events this exceptional troupe includes one world champion gymnast and a world champion break dancer, as well as a wide range of talented dancers, acrobats and singers. An outstanding company of performers, you can choose magical acts such as Contraste, who will add an exciting and innovative aspect to your cocktail party or dinner reception.

Break dancers enhance a dance show with different styles

Since Sophie Del Rosso founded her wedding dance company five years ago, they have performed all over Europe at a range of luxury events and corporate gatherings. Evocative and exclusive performers take a wide variety of shows, such as Contraste to audiences who enjoy being surprised with new routines and styles. Your guests will be amazed by Contraste, a combination of classic and modern dance that is given a cool and exciting edge with the inclusion of a fabulous break dance based routine.

Break dance entertainment will be a highlight of your wedding

Contraste incorporate break dance into their skilled routine to create one of the most remarkable acts that appeals to lovers of all styles of dance, while entertaining your guests with something new. Perfect and incredible wedding performance for your romantic celebrations, Contraste are sure to be a highlight of the evening for you and your guests. Please contact us if you’d like more information, or if you would like to reserve Contraste for the dates of your luxury wedding. We will be delighted to assist you in retaining this magical show for your very special day.

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