• Humorists
  • From Australia
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

Make your guests laugh with a crazy humorous duo

A pair of talented Australians, Comedy Buzzer will soon have your guests laughing. This incredible duo use mime to portray a couple of funny characters who have an argument with an insect. Skilled noise makers, they’re an original act for a wedding, and with everything from aerosol cans to zippers in their repertoire, your guests are certain to have a fun filled evening at your dinner celebration. An unusual but amazing performance, Comedy Buzzer are perfect for audiences of all ages, and are an inspired touch for a wedding entertainment with universal appeal.

Wedding animation that is a real crowd pleaser

This wedding animation combined with a unique comedy act is a great way to get your guests in the mood for fun. Comedy Buzzer enact their imaginative routine with flair, and these very talented artists fight their super strong insect with every means possible. With remarkably accurate sound effects to illustrate the whole show, you and your guests will be demanding more from these amazing performers. To make Comedy Buzzer one of the high points of your dinner celebration of your luxury wedding, please contact us for details on booking.

Comedy Buzzer   Comedy Buzzer