• Illusionists
  • From Hungary
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

A transformation act of speed and elegance

Classy Quick Change are a young couple from Budapest in Hungary who have perfected the art of costume changing to create a fun routine that features music, different types of dance, and of course some amazing transformations. Guaranteed to fill your guests with a sense of awe and wonder at the sheer pace of the changes, this transformation act makes a really special wedding show as part of your dinner celebration entertainment.

A quick change act with their own style and moves

This talented duo cover many styles and times with their fast and appealing show. From the 50’s to the 20’s and featuring the tango and the Charleston as well as many other glamorous and sensational changes of tempo and outfit along the way, till the spectacular finale. Guests will be thrilled as each new look is revealed and Classy Quick Change will brighten up your luxury wedding dinner with their professional and unusual performance. If you’d like to book these delightful performers for your special day, or if you require more information about Classy Quick Change, please contact us by telephone or form.

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