• Magicians
  • From Spain
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

An elegant and poetic show from a top Asian magician

A cards performer who uses beauty and elegance to present some of the world’s best loved tricks in an unusual way. Like delicate leaves falling from a stylised tree the Chinese Lady Magician makes card handling a whole new experience for your guests. A charming and innovative way to include a magic act as part of your luxury wedding entertainment, this Asiatic illusionist is one of the best in her field. Ideal for cocktail receptions or as part of your dinner celebrations, the Chinese Lady Magician performs with classic style and decorum.

Make a cards performer a facet of your luxury wedding

For centuries, card handling tricks and illusions have baffled audiences, and the polished ease with which this talented artist creates a captivating show that your guests will adore is a measure of her unique skills. She presents each new illusion with flair as a poetic show, and includes magic routines with silken scarves and a flute that turns to sand in her highly original show. If you wish to include a great wedding performance with the Chinese Lady Magician in your cocktail or dinner celebrations, contact us for details.

The Chinese Lady Magician   The Chinese Lady Magician