• Dancers
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for cocktails, dinners and clubs
  • Solo, duo, trio or troupe

Add a transparent bubble show to your wedding entertainment

Are you looking for an original and innovative way to capture the imaginations of your wedding guests? A romantic Bubble Dancer show may be the perfect solution as beautiful dancers, one or two in a bubble, and as many transparent bubbles as you wish, take to the stage or to the grounds of your chosen venue in an exciting spectacle that will mesmerise your wedding party. This show can take place during any part of your luxury wedding celebrations and with the addition of music, lights, costumes and props, such as s shower of rose petals within the bubble, the dancer will create an exotic and very beautiful entertainment piece to delight all ages.

Sensual and beautiful dancers in a unique medium

The transparent bubble provides a truly unique medium, a stage within a stage in effect. Your wedding show can be customised to your specific requirements and can be as large scale or as intimate as you wish. Should your require us to assist you in procuring a romantic Bubble Dancer group or performer as a feature during your luxury wedding entertainment, please do contact us.

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