• One of a kind
  • From France
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

Cool comedy trampoline act, dressed like superstars

Trampoline champions from France, the Blues Brothers bring a breath of fresh air to any luxury wedding dinner. Their wonderful sense of style is, of course based on the famous and well loved film, and they dress accordingly. The music is also from the film, and this incredible duo are talented artists who have their timing and delivery perfectly tuned. Cool moves on the dance floor lead to even cooler moves on the trampoline, when this madcap pair finally manage to get it erected. It’s all part of the act, and when your guests suddenly see the skill with which they perform back flips, forward flips and rolls they’ll be astonished.

The element of surprise makes this wedding animation act a winner

After the slapstick performance that starts this fun routine your guests will be surprised and excited by these champion trampoline athletes. The music has been carefully chosen to enhance each move, and the Blues Brothers are sure to be a sensational addition to your dinner entertainment. For further details about the Blues Brothers and how you can include this original performance in your luxury wedding production, please contact us.

The Blues Brothers   The Blues Brothers   The Blues Brothers