• Dancers
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners and clubs
  • Duo

LED lights enhance romantic dancers for an elegant show

Two elegant and glamorous ladies from Germany who present an exceptional and visually stunning piece of art for you and your guests. These romantic dancers are not only gifted and beautifully choreographed, the addition of hundreds of blue LED lights to their dresses allows them to take your guests by surprise. As the lights dim and their blue led lights come on, the scene is enchanting and highly appropriate for wedding entertainment. The dresses with blue lights act as props and the LED dancers skilfully move their gowns around in time to the music.

Ecstatic and exhilarating wedding performers

An inspired choice for part of your dinner show during the celebration of your marriage, these wonderful Blue Dancers add a frisson of excitement as the music reaches its peak and speeds up. Your guests will be swept up in the magic of this exotic and fabulous visual experience. Do contact us to find out more about these dancers, with regard to engaging them as a very special act for your luxury wedding. Entertainment that uses technology to set the scene, the Blue Dancers are an impressive LED act.

Blue Dancers   Blue Dancers   Blue Dancers   Blue Dancers