• Musical Shows
  • From UK
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Band

Surprise your guests with unique wedding performers

Bring a fun element of surprise to your luxury wedding entertainment with Bel Canto. You can choose an all male or all female group, or both in your chosen combination. Posing as waiters or hidden within your event, your guests won’t realise that Bel Canto are exciting and talented performers till – suddenly – they begin to sing and go through their fun routine. These amazing singers have taken their innovative brand of entertainment all over the world, including appearances at prestigious events in London, New York and Dubai.

Cause a stir with gifted singers at your luxury wedding

Bel Canto are adept at mingling with guests during dinner or cocktail receptions. Until the very last moment when they begin their routine, performing popular songs from their extensive repertoire of well loved classics and romantic ballads, your guests won’t detect these gifted performers in their midst. An original and amusing way to thrill your guests with a hint of comedy and fun, if you would like to consider Bel Canto as part of your luxury wedding entertainment, please get in touch with us for further information and booking details.

Bel Canto   Bel Canto