• Acrobats
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

Make your celebrations memorable with an exciting act

Beauty on a Cane is a talented artist from Germany who has thrilled audiences throughout Europe with her graceful and accomplished balancing show. Using only two canes as props, this exceptional solo performer will treat you and your guests to a routine that is elegant and stylish, yet increasingly difficult. A display that shows her skills as an athlete off to great effect, Beauty on a Cane presents a one of a kind visually entertaining act that your guests will be certain to appreciate.

A beautifully realised aerial and acrobatic show

Perfect as entertainment during your wedding dinner celebrations, Beauty on a Cane will capture the imagination of your guests as they watch in amazement. Precisely choreographed, this balance on a cane show is enchanting and elegant, and the beautiful acrobat moves in harmony with the music. If you’d like to add a remarkable piece of wedding animation to your dinner reception, please contact us. We can provide further information on how best to include Beauty on a Cane in your luxury wedding entertainment, assuring you of a show that will surely become one of the highlights of your evening.

Beauty on a Cane   Beauty on a Cane   Beauty on a Cane   Beauty on a Cane