• One of a kind
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Duo

A one of a kind love story act

A poetic wedding performance that will enhance the romantic ambience of your special day, Bass’ o are incredibly talented artists who will charm your guests. The beautiful hula hoop performer is the perfect complement to the musician in this wonderful and graceful dance between a ring and a double bass. This fantastic production is a skillful blend of music and dance as the hula hoop performer moves in perfect accord with the music, using the instrument itself as a prop.

A hula hoop show with music adds a special touch

Graceful and romantic movements evolve into a show of technique and skill as Basso’s magical melodies inspire a stunning hula hoop dance. Your guests will be captivated by this delightful duo from Germany and their astonishing dexterity with the hoop and the double bass. These talented artists will make your dinner reception or cocktail celebration a highlight of your luxury wedding entertainment as they weave their enchanting spell over your guests. If you would enjoy seeing Bass’o make their one of a kind act part of your wedding ceremony celebrations, please contact us for further information.

Bass' O   Bass' O   Bass' O