• Acrobats
  • From Germany
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

A fun and fantastic animation that will appeal to you and your guests

Balloon Girl really is a unique one of a kind act. With her giant balloons this acrobat and dancer performs an incredible routine that will astonish you and your guests at your luxury wedding celebrations. This talented artist from Germany adds a touch of fun to her amazing acrobatic show, and Balloon Girl will surely be the talking point of your wedding ceremony dinner party. Her prowess as a dancer, acrobat and balance artist is spectacular, and Balloon Girl has superb timing that allows her to perform some of the most highly skilled tricks you can imagine. Each of the giant balloons is controlled perfectly by this enchanting solo artist, and every feat is breathtaking.

Fantastic moves make for an outstanding entertainment

Balloon Girl is always in control of her balloons, and presents a lighthearted, non stop visual performance that will thrill guests of all ages. A wonderful addition to your luxury wedding celebrations, this skilled acrobat is engaging and appealing and has appeared at many prestigious events. Please contact us if you would like to make Balloon Girl a part of your day.

Balloon Girl   Balloon Girl   Balloon Girl