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A sophisticated and talented electrical string act

Asteria are four glamorous girls from London who comprise one of the top electrical string quartets performing today. All classically trained and highly accomplished, the four girls met while in training at some of London’s most renowned music conservatories. After graduation, the girls joined forces and the Asteria string quartet was formed. This gifted violin group have travelled all over the world, perfecting their art and performing in top international venues in front of discerning music lovers. Asteria play a variety of styles, from classical and jazz, modern pop and rock, to world music, creating a show that is uplifting and exciting. Perfect for your wedding dinner reception, your guests will feel privileged to enjoy these exceptional violin musicians.

Violin players who set the stage alight

Asteria strings deliver a remarkable musical show in their own highly individual style. These beautiful girls bring a touch of glamour to the world of classical music, combining their delivery and implementation of different styles with their costumes and style. Audiences adore them and this talented violin group have performed at prestigious events all over the globe, including the KRAL Awards in Istanbul, where they also took to the stage with acclaimed Turkish musician Hüsnü Şenlendirici. Incorporating styles such as Turkish, African, Eastern and Arabic music, as well as jazz and pop into their show has allowed Asteria to reach a far wider and highly appreciative fan base.

A magnificent violin show for a luxury wedding

These gorgeous violinists can perform as a quartet with a backing track, or can add percussionists and guitarists, or even dancers to their show, allowing you to tailor a luxury wedding performance to your specific requirements. Best suited to a dinner reception, this elegant quartet of violinists will thrill your guests. Contact us directly if you’d like us to help arrange a show by Asteria for your romantic dinner celebrations. You can be certain that the girls will appeal to guests with all types of musical taste as they give a fabulous wedding entertainment.

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