• Aerial
  • From UK
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Solo

An enchanting performance inside a crystal dome

This fantastic aerial and lighting act is a really inspired choice for your luxury wedding celebrations. A high transparent dome is erected, and as it is inflated the lights are dimmed. As the music begins, a complimentary light show allows your guests to see perfectly into the crystal dome. A beautiful dancer then puts on an incredible aerial performance that is perfectly in tune with the changing lighting, and with the music. This wedding exhibition piece is particularly suitable for an outdoor dinner reception, but it’s also fine for luxury wedding celebrations in larger venues, and is a thrilling surprise for your guests.

An amazing performer who will enhance your luxury festivities

The Aerial Dome holds audiences in its spell. When the lights are dimmed, a beautiful solo acrobat begins an outstanding aerial show with silks that is a feat of agility and grace. This talented artist has appeared in her one of a kind crystal dome at luxurious events and shows all over Europe. Please contact us in the first instance to make this exciting act from the UK a thrilling addition to your luxury wedding ceremony entertainment.

Aerial Dome   Aerial Dome   Aerial Dome