• Aerial
  • From Ruassi
  • Ideal for dinners
  • Duo

An aerial perch show for your wedding ceremony celebrations

The Aerial Bambu blends romance and elegance with daring and dramatic feats is the kind of wedding exhibition that will be a real highlight for your guests. This glamorous and talented duo from Russia offer an aerial and acrobatic act that relies on trust and skill as they perform on a vertical bamboo pole suspended above the stage. Each part of their amazing performance will capture your complete attention, and The Aerial Bambu are an excellent choice for your luxury wedding entertainment that will be remembered by guests for weeks afterwards.

Talented artists who put on one of a kind show

These fantastic performers excel in movements that show off their expertise to great advantage, and which are compelling and magical to watch. You’ll be speechless as the girl spins ever faster in the air supported by her partner. Your guests will adore the complete symmetry of the acrobats movements in this beautifully choreographed and exciting show. The Aerial Bambu will be a real treat at your dinner reception. Please contact us if you would like this remarkable couple to be part of your luxury wedding celebrations.

The Aerial Bambu   The Aerial Bambu