• Painting Artists
  • From France
  • Ideal for cocktails and dinners
  • Solo

A romantic piece of artwork made by moving tape

It’s astonishing what can be created just by moving tape. This impressive tape artist from France has taken her considerable talents to luxury events all over the globe, and she will be a surprising and mesmerising addition to your dinner celebrations or cocktail party. The Tape Painter can produce portraits, collages, landscapes, and still life using only brown sticky tape of the type you can pick up in any hardware store. You and your guests will be speechless when you realise how quickly she can create something beautiful from such an everyday medium.

A wedding performance to add to your cherished memories

The Tape Painter has created posters and logos for some of the world’s top events and with her skill at moving tape, cutting it quickly and precisely, moving it again and highlighting it with markers she can customise a piece of art especially for you. A portrait of the bride and groom is a wonderful gift to receive at the end of your luxury wedding cocktail or dinner celebrations. Please, contact us to include this original wedding entertainment in your special day.

The Tape Painter   The Tape Painter   The Tape Painter