Illuminate your luxury wedding perfectly

Choosing lighting for different parts of your day is important, and will help you to achieve the ambience you desire. From your romantic wedding ceremony to your nightclub in the evening, your choice of lights will affect overall presentation, and can transform the atmosphere of a room or space.

Various types of lighting for different effects and spaces

There are numerous types of lighting available, and professionals normally create a particular mood by combining several of them – we’ll be happy to recommend professionals who can help.

Lighting changes from day to night, and you can control it to enhance the ambience and atmosphere of different phases and steps of your wedding. Some of the most popular wedding light choices include LED lighting, candles, paper lights and chandeliers.

Outdoor wedding lighting

If you intend to make use of outdoor areas after dark, you need to ensure that your guests can see, yet retain an air of elegance and romance.

Chinese paper lanterns in the trees are beautiful and effective, while LED lighting in colours to match your luxury wedding theme also works well.

Strings of lighting are another great choice for outdoor areas, and you might use candles to create a border on the edge of an outdoor path or feature, such as a fountain or ornamental pond.

Inside wedding lighting

Choose soft lighting, which is less harsh on the faces of your guests. You can place transparent plastic sheets in different colours over bulbs to create the effect you desire, but stick to pink or soft rose and magenta colours which complement all skin tones. Ensure that the light is adequate for guests to see comfortably by, particularly when eating.

If your dinner and dancing are to be in the same room, it’s best to define each space with different lighting. A large chandelier over the dance floor is dramatic and glamorous. You should also illuminate the edges of the room, while up lighting can be used to make the ceiling appear higher, or to pick out architectural features.

Wedding decoration and effects

Lighting is about decoration as well as illumination, and centrepieces such as cafe lights and lamps, or groupings of candles can highlight the table. Candlelight is flattering and the flickering flames make everyone look good.

Projected light can illuminate part of a room. You can use gobos, a type of stencil used to project a design or pattern, such as your initials on to a wall, or project a photo of the bride and groom to create a romantic piece of art and light in one step.