Why choose a Great Gatsby inspired wedding?

If you love the 1920′s, the ‘roaring 20′s period, known for its glamour and decadence, or if you’re an Art Deco fan who loves to dance and adores vintage objects, then a Great Gatsby inspired wedding is perfect for you.

How to do it perfectly – Gatsby inspired wedding ideas

Choosing an appropriate venue is the first step to your perfect Great Gatsby wedding. A stunning and impressive villa by the sea or on a lakefront is superb. You might arrive in style in a vintage Rolls Royce.

Announce your wedding theme intentions from the start with your invitations. In keeping with your vintage theme, invitations should be monogrammed or have 20′s style artwork or script. Remember to state ’1920′s/30′s dress required’ so that your guests understand and respect your art deco theme.

Create an Art Deco theme wedding

Your Gatsby wedding decor should reflect the style of the times; black, white and gold are perfect. You can add glamour with a splash of red or purple, but keep your palette rich and opulent like the decor of the 20′s and 30′s.

Create a champagne glass tower with shallow 30′s champagne glasses. They’re ideal for creating a spectacular waterfall effect as the finest vintages are poured. Hire a bartender who can produce favourite cocktails of the 1920′s, and perhaps have an Art Deco wedding cake.

Cigarette girls can circulate, offering cigarettes, cigars and miniature bottles of spirits to the guests – the 1920′s was the start of prohibition.

Gatsby attire ideas

The 1920′s to 30′s period was a wonderful era for fashion too. The bride and groom can choose attire that recalls the elegance and the romance of the era.

The bride will look radiant in a gorgeous wedding gown – loose fitting of course and beautifully embellished. Glamorous accessories such as a bridal headband and satin slippers will complete the look.
Grooms can consider wide legged trousers, waistcoats, light coloured suits and single breasted jackets.

Accessories for the groom at a Gatsby wedding are just as important, and two-tone brogues, a bow tie, a silk handkerchief or a pocket watch and chain can all work well.

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