Consider a gorgeous wedding tent for your romantic day

A stretch marquee is an unusual outdoor wedding tent that is tailored to suit your romantic theme, the size of your wedding party and your chosen location.

Surprise and astonish guests with a stretch marquee

The eye-catching structure accommodates your guests with an inviting and very special environment. It is an exciting and innovative choice for memorable parties ranging in size from 50 to over 500 guests.

Hire a marquee for your outdoor wedding

Theses tents are created from a special stretch material that is supported by poles at the exact height you prefer, creating a beautiful flowing shape that differs from traditional white or crystal tents. You can hire a tent that can be customised as you wish, thanks to the complete flexibility of the product. You may choose one entrance for an intimate feel, keep the sides open to enjoy the view of your wedding venue, or even have two wedding tents connected to each other for a one of a kind space. A stage can be set up inside, and you can further customise your marquee with flooring such as coconut matting, wood or carpet depending on your preferences.

Marquee wedding ideas for your wonderful day

You can select different colours from white, beige, black, red, grey, green and pink. It is possible to personalise your marquee with the names of the bride and groom realised in script or projected lighting either inside or out.

It’s possible to stage your entire luxury wedding, from your romantic ceremony and cocktail party, to your dinner reception and club in these adaptable stretch tents, and we would be delighted to assist you with hiring, planning and logistics.

    Technical information

  • 100% waterproof
  • Heating and air conditioning solutions
  • realisation of 3D plan
  • Size range: from 6 x 6 metres to 60 x 15 metres