Tulipe armchair

Tulipe armchair
  • Width: 72cm
  • Color: Pearly white, silver, gold, red and black
  • Texture: imitation leather and velvet
  • Tulipe armchair is perfect for the royal table and for chair on a small reception.

Emmanuelle armchair

Emmanuelle Armchair
  • Width: 57cm
  • Color: Black, red, fushia, lime green and white
  • Texture: imitation leather and velvet
  • Emmanuelle armchair is perfect for the royal table, for lounge and for a vintage wedding theme

Egg armchair

Egg Armchair
  • Width: 86cm
  • Color: Red, orange, fushia and pink
  • Texture: fabric
  • Egg armchair is perfect for lounge or for a black and red wedding
  • Egg armchair is a vintage armchair designed by Anne Jacobsen

Baroque throne

Royal throne
  • Width: 94cm
  • Color: Black and White
  • Texture: imitation leather with buttons
  • Baroque throne is perfect for the ceremony or the lounge

Volupté throne

Volupté throne
  • Width: 155cm
  • Color: Purple
  • Texture: velvet with buttons
  • Volupté throne is perfect for lounge only because of its size