Why choose ‘1001 Nights’ wedding theme

1001 Nights is one of the most beautiful and romantic wedding theme ideas. Perhaps you’re inspired by the wonderful love story in which Scheherezade captures the Sultan’s heart through her gift for telling amazing tales such as the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. Maybe you adore the delightful story of Aladdin, or you just love the enchanting colours and fragrances of Morocco and the Middle East.

Choosing an Arabian nights wedding theme allows you to choose imaginative decor, one of a kind entertainment and amazing dress. Whether you select a romantic 1001 nights luxury wedding, or whether you opt for Moroccan chic, there are lots of ways to create your magical theme.

How to create your perfect luxury wedding with an Eastern theme

Think hot desert sands, cool oasis, lush gardens with trickling fountains, billowing silk curtains, wrought iron furniture, floor cushions and ornate architecture.

Your perfect venue would be a Moroccan riad, but this can be difficult to find. An impressive villa or palace with beautiful gardens with fountains or a magnificent pool is ideal.

You should announce your wedding theme from the start, with colourful invitations. This will allow your guests plenty of time to choose clothing appropriate to your Arabian nights wedding theme.

Brides can choose gorgeous designer kaftans or sleeveless floor length gowns with intricate embroidery. Take some style tips from Scheherezade or Princess Jasmine and go for opulent jewels and dark, kohl lined eyes.

Moroccan inspired styling ideas

Luxurious wedding decoration is essential, and should evoke an exquisite Eastern palace. Colourful fine furnishings in purples, fuchsias, reds, violets, orange and turquoise, with gold accents and Arabian touches set the scene.

You can erect Berber tents for an outdoor wedding, an authentic touch which gives you lots of scope. Include a lounge area with lots of sofas and large cushions, and long flowing floor length curtains.

Lighting is one of the key elements in a 1001 nights themed wedding, and candles and Moroccan style lanterns are perfect.

Eastern wedding style entertainment

Entertainment can enhance the atmosphere of your amazing one of a kind wedding, and underline your Moroccan style theme. You might include fire eaters, henna artists, a snake charmer and belly dancer to ensure a memorable evening.

Your caterer can create Moroccan pastries served on eastern style plates. Throughout your theme the words, ‘splendour’ and ‘gold’ can dominate, and we’ll be delighted to help with other tips on creating your 1001 nights wedding.