How do I choose a wonderful wedding cake?

It’s time to choose the wedding cake! Don’t worry, help is at hand with our helpful tips and pointers.

Did you know the original tradition?

Wedding cakeTraditionally, wedding cakes were served to bring luck to the bride, groom and guests.
The groom used to break a piece of cake over the bride’s head to symbolise the end of her maidenhood. Today it’s more usual for the newlyweds to cut the cake together.

Tips for choosing a wedding cake

Your wedding cake should be magnificent! A masterpiece! It will after all, be the centrepiece of your table.
It should taste good. Do go and have a tasting, this way you’ll get the kind of cake you desire on the day.
Choose a type of cake that you actually like – you could be eating it for some time.
For the decoration of your wedding cake, you might have a dream wedding cake in mind for some years.
Be sure that it complements your wedding theme. A Star Wars cake won’t look right at a Gatsby themed wedding, no matter how much the groom admires Yoda.

Who can made it?

Your wedding cake can be made by your wedding caterer, a pastry chef or a cake designer, depending on the style you choose.
Start looking early. If you want an elaborate cake, you’re not going to be able to have someone whip it up in a couple of days.

Different luxury cakes

There are lots of different kinds of wedding cake that you might consider, including:

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