Fabulous traditional luxury cakes for your big day

Although there are plenty of unusual wedding cakes to choose from, the traditional wedding cake is still a favourite with many brides and grooms.

Traditional wedding cake

Chic traditional wedding cake

gold wedding cake

small wedding cake

Why choose a traditional cake?

Quite simply – they’re exquisite. A bespoke cake involves a lot of work and creative talent and the end result will be a masterpiece.
Your beautiful cake will be the centrepiece of your celebrations, and the right cake designer can make it sensational.

Which ingredients can I choose?

Fewer people choose a complete fruit cake today. Many brides and grooms choose traditional fruit cake for the top tier of their cake, then select a sponge in a different flavour for the other layers.
The most frequently chosen flavours for contemporary cakes are:

  • double chocolate
  • lemon
  • vanilla & raspberry
  • rose & raspberry
  • banana & caramel

How to find the perfect luxury cakes and who can made it?

You can find wedding cake inspiration from the Internet, on Pinterest for example, or in bridal magazines. You might have had a particular idea in mind for some years, or wish to use a certain colour or theme, do ask it to the person in charge of your wedding cake.
A bakery will be able to offer you tasters, and your cake designer should be able to show you examples of their creations.
Make sure your cake is large enough for the number of guests you expect. Do ask for professional advice regarding height and size – unfortunately a ten-tier cake isn’t appropriate for 30 guests!

Wedding cake decoration

For decoration of your wedding cake you can choose buttercream, frosting or fondant. However, buttercream works best as a filling, while fondant gives a sensational professional finish, that is smooth and malleable.
Decoration should be oversized and opulent. Sugar flowers, or indeed other shapes are wonderful, and offer limitless choices. Fresh fruit such as sugar dusted grapes look elegant, and fresh flowers are stunning – though you’ll need the assistance of your florist.
Lace, pearls and crystal look glamorous, and you’ll find ideas of how to use them to great effect on the Internet or in magazines. Finally, custom made wedding cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch.

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