Everything is possible with a themed wedding cake

Are you the couple who adore the roaring 20’s, the bride and groom who just can’t get enough of Star Wars, or are you true romantics who want a fairytale cake? Then a theme wedding cake is perfect for you.

How do I adapt luxury cakes to my theme?

Let your imagination take over. If you want to stay within the traditional parameters with a tiered cake, you may choose alternating layers of round and square wedding cake for an unusual look.

The easiest way to create your unique wedding cake is with decoration. Your caterer or bakery can make the inner cake if you wish, since they can produce the taste you desire. A cake designer does a very specific job, and will then decorate your cake to suit your fabulous theme.

What can a cake designer do?

A professional cake designer works with passion and creates magical and unique wedding cakes. Frosting is one of the most useful components and can be coloured and formed into flowers, buildings, cars or hearts – anything in fact.

An Art Deco cake with black and gold frosting will perfectly suit a Great Gatsby wedding, and pastel coloured frosting can make a retro 50’s style cake into a masterpiece.

Purple and black and red flowers or almond paste guitars are perfect for rock and roll couples, while a pastry chef could make large eye-catching edible shells, or perhaps a treasure chest to hold fruit ‘jewels’ for an exotic or pirate themed wedding.

Spun sugar can form stunning lace work or veils, and real objects such as shells, pearls, crystals and pebbles add clever touches.

When it comes to your themed wedding cake, there really are no limits.

Gatsby wedding cake

Beach Wedding cake

Garden Wedding Cake

Summer wedding cake

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