Potel & Chabot – Creators of Unique Occasions

When esteemed pastry chef Jean Francois Potel, and chef to the French court, Etienne Chabot founded their company back in 1820, they quickly became a great success. However, neither could have envisaged the heights to which Potel & Chabot would rise, and today they are at the pinnacle of their field.

One of the most prestigious caterers in France, Potel & Chabot present fine cuisine to a discerning international clientele. Not only will Potel & Chabot prepare a culinary feast, they will infuse any reception with a sense of grandeur and occasion to make it truly elegant and unforgettable.

The Magic of Potel & Chabot

For a luxury wedding that surpasses expectations, Potel & Chabot are an inspired choice. A member of several esteemed associations including Comite Colbert and French Luxury, Potel & Chabot excel in the creation of unique gastronomic experiences. Whether hosting an intimate and romantic reception for 20 or a splendid wedding banquet for 500, their chefs will dazzle, and guests will enjoy a pleasurable and memorable interlude.

Ten years ago, Potel & Chabot were the first to bring chefs to the foreground, and today Potel & Chabot chefs take centre stage to whip up elaborate treats in a stylish and vibrant atmosphere. Cocktails are an incredible and exciting entertainment, with chefs performing skillful culinary feats to delight guests with delicious and delicate dishes.

No detail is left to chance with Potel & Chabot, and as well as fabulous signature pieces or choreographed service, their own ice studio means that beautiful sculpture can be created. Everything from stands for wedding cakes to the perfect dish for luxurious Russian caviar can be magically wrought in ice.

The enduring passion for all aspects of the dinner make Potel & Chabot special. From the careful selection of perfect ingredients, where colour, form, freshness and provenance are considered, to the creation of gourmet delights in a magical and inspiring atmosphere, Potel & Chabot bring their culinary expertise, love of food, elegance and exemplary service to the wedding.

Should you wish to see a selection of menus or themes, or if you would like to arrange a Potel & Chabot tasting, please get in touch by using the contact form, or by telephone. We will be happy to assist you with any queries you may have regarding the creation of your spectacular reception and romantic wedding day.

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