Why choose ‘one of a kind’ wedding cakes

If you’re an unconventional bride and groom who want something that is a representation of you and your tastes then a one of a kind cake is for you.

Are there any points I should take into consideration?

Your cake must respect your theme, and you can get round this with decoration. Fruit, flowers, unusual objects – even the cake stand or dish you serve it on all work.

There are no limits when it comes to your wedding cake, and you can choose almost any favourite food. However it’s worth aiming for a cake that can be cut in accordance with tradition, and which follows the classic tiered structure.

What type of wedding cakes are we talking about?

Choose one of a kind wedding cakes that you will really enjoy. Perhaps neither of you has a sweet tooth, or maybe you just don’t like fruit cake, try –

  • Cheese Cake
  • One of a kind cheese cake


A cheese cake is created by using whole cheeses of varying sizes. This way you can form the ‘traditional’ tiers of a conventional cake.


  • Cookies Cake
  • one-of-akind-cake-cookies


Stack cookies into layers to create your one of a kind cake.

  • Ice cream cake
  • one-of-a-kind-wedding-cake-ice-cream

Choose your favourite flavours, or match colours to your theme for a stunning cool confection.

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