Luxury wedding cakes with a lighter feel

Cupcake wedding cakes are popular, and are a delightful alternative to the traditional wedding cake.





What is a cupcake wedding cake

A cupcake wedding cake defines individual sponge cakes, which may be filled, before being decorated with frosting and arranged as a spiral, or in tiers on separate levels, to adhere to the form of a traditional wedding cake.

This wedding cake is cupcake masterpiece and a modern and fun way to create an individual and unusual cake for your special day. Much lighter than heavy traditional fruitcake, cupcakes appeal to almost everyone, are easy to eat and serve, and look beautiful.

Why are wedding cupcakes so popular?

Cupcake wedding cakes are versatile. You can leave them on the dessert table so that guests can eat later in the evening, or you can keep cakes for your wedding brunch the following day.

You might also leave paper bags beside them so that your wedding guests can take one home in addition of traditional gifts.

They’re easy to eat, and most people can manage at least one. You should calculate at two cupcakes per person, so that hungrier people can have another.

How to make a cupcakes wedding cake truly special

You can personalise your wedding cakes as you wish. Choose your favourite flavour, or go for a couple such as fruit and chocolate, or fruit and vanilla to give your guests some choice – your bakery or pastry chef can let you try samples.

Decorate each of your luxury cupcakes with a personal detail such as the date or your combined initials, or embellish them with fruit, flowers, crystals or other objects before adding a wedding cake topper.

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