A French wedding cake is an elegant alternative

Are you a bride and groom who enjoy luxury and elegance, and desire an alternative to a traditional wedding cake? Then a croquembouche is an inspired choice, and is particularly suited to luxury weddings with French elements in the theme or location, or even if one of the happy couple are French.

What is a croquembouche?

A croquembouche defines a luxury wedding cake in the French tradition, composed of choux balls or profiteroles filled with crème patisserie, and erected into high pyramid covered with caramel and decoration.

This gorgeous tower of delicious choux pastry profiteroles is filled with vanilla or chocolate and covered in caramel, which also holds the structure together. It’s elegant and sophisticated and has a delicious crunch in the mouth texture.




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Why choose this unusual luxury wedding cake?

An advantage of this ‘piece montée’ or pyramid is that, like a traditional wedding cake, the bride and groom can cut it together.

The choux pastry balls are lighter than a rich wedding cake, and it’s so much easier for your guests to eat.

A French wedding tradition tailored to suit you

Customise your croquembouche with personalised ingredients such as the flavour of filling – raspberry or lemon perhaps. Personalised decoration also adds an individual touch. The usual decoration is spun sugar, which looks stunning, but chocolate sauce or fruit coulis drizzled over the tower, with sugar almonds, fruit or candied fruit adornments work well.

Other types of embellishment are also possible, such as delicate strings of pearls or crystals, artfully arranged so as not to interfere with the couple cutting the cake. These can be removed as the croquembouche is served.

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