Themed wedding cake

Gatsby wedding cake

Everything is possible with a themed wedding cake Are you the couple who adore the roaring 20’s, the bride and groom who just can’t get enough of Star Wars, or are you true romantics who want a fairytale cake? Then a theme wedding cake is perfect for you. How do I adapt luxury cakes to my theme? Let your imagination …

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One of a kind wedding cake

One of a kind cheese cake

Why choose ‘one of a kind’ wedding cakes If you’re an unconventional bride and groom who want something that is a representation of you and your tastes then a one of a kind cake is for you. Are there any points I should take into consideration? Your cake must respect your theme, and you can get round this with decoration. …

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Cupcake wedding cake


Luxury wedding cakes with a lighter feel Cupcake wedding cakes are popular, and are a delightful alternative to the traditional wedding cake. What is a cupcake wedding cake A cupcake wedding cake defines individual sponge cakes, which may be filled, before being decorated with frosting and arranged as a spiral, or in tiers on separate levels, to adhere to the …

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Picture 023

A French wedding cake is an elegant alternative Are you a bride and groom who enjoy luxury and elegance, and desire an alternative to a traditional wedding cake? Then a croquembouche is an inspired choice, and is particularly suited to luxury weddings with French elements in the theme or location, or even if one of the happy couple are French. …

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Dessert table


What is a luxury dessert table? You can choose to have a dessert table in place of the traditional wedding cake, with a larger item like a chocolate fountain and fresh fruit as the centrepiece in place of the cake. If you prefer to have a traditional wedding cake, you can make it the centre of attention on your dessert …

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Traditional wedding cake


Fabulous traditional luxury cakes for your big day Although there are plenty of unusual wedding cakes to choose from, the traditional wedding cake is still a favourite with many brides and grooms. Why choose a traditional cake? Quite simply – they’re exquisite. A bespoke cake involves a lot of work and creative talent and the end result will be a …

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Wedding cakes

Wedding cake

How do I choose a wonderful wedding cake? It’s time to choose the wedding cake! Don’t worry, help is at hand with our helpful tips and pointers. Did you know the original tradition? Traditionally, wedding cakes were served to bring luck to the bride, groom and guests. The groom used to break a piece of cake over the bride’s head …

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Ernest traiteur


Ernest – a rare artisan and master of culinary excellence Created in 1936 in Cannes, Blanche and Julien Ernest began their company as purveyors of traditional deli meats and the regional specialities of Lyon. The company, which has passed from father to son since 1936, was renamed Ernest Traiteur, and current owner Michel Ernest chooses local and regional products, authentic …

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Potel et Chabot

Potel & Chabot

Potel & Chabot – Creators of Unique Occasions When esteemed pastry chef Jean Francois Potel, and chef to the French court, Etienne Chabot founded their company back in 1820, they quickly became a great success. However, neither could have envisaged the heights to which Potel & Chabot would rise, and today they are at the pinnacle of their field. One …

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Lenôtre Paris- The epitome of refined yet luxurious catering Gaston Lenôtre, pastry chef, opened his first Parisian pastry shop in 1957, and since then Maison Lenôtre has continued to strive for excellence in all areas of luxury gastronomy. A member of the prestigious Comité Colbert, the Lenôtre brand is the creative force behind some of the most exclusive international events …

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