All about wedding veils

There is nothing that says ‘bride’ quite as well as the magical bridal veil. Your wedding day is one occasion where wearing a veil is almost expected, and it will make you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world.

Traditionally, the bride’s father would lift the veil when they reached the altar, formally presenting her to the groom. These days, it is most often the groom who lifts the veil.

A bridal veil adds mystery, glamour and allure, and is often made out of lace and beautifully embroidered or embellished with beads or crystals.

Bridal veil and bridal headpiece styles

With many styles and combinations to choose from, there’s a bride veil or headpiece that suits your theme and gown.

  • Cathedral veil – the classic veil – longer and more formal than any other type. You can choose to wear it longer than your wedding dress for a dramatic image
  • Blusher veil – a shorter traditional veil that is normally the type selected when bride’s choose to lift it from their face – hence the name ‘blusher’. It’s also perfect for retro brides
  • Mid-length veil – often designed in multiple layers and typically end between the elbow and the fingertips. The ideal way to show off a gown which accents the waist.
  • Short veil – normally stops at shoulder level and can be worn in combination with a longer veil.

bridal veil styling tips

A classical bride will normally select a formal veil, and you can create a more modern look by wearing it towards the back of the head. You can also combine it with other lengths, allowing you to remove one part after the ceremony.

If you want to look glamorous, try wearing a long or mid length veil with gorgeous Swarovski crystal combs or a sparkling jewelled headpiece. You can also wear two different length veils towards the back of the head to create volume.

Go for timeless elegance with a long veil made from lace that complements your gown. A simple band is a nice way to keep it in place, or you could add a classic tiara.

Try a fascinator instead of a blusher with a more modern gown. Modern brides might also consider an elbow length veil that shows the gown off to perfection.

And finally

Your veil is the finishing touch to your whole bridal ensemble, and must complement your luxury wedding theme as well as reflect your personality and style.

We will be happy to offer further tips and assistance to ensure that your veil truly is your crowning glory.