Your civil marriage

Many modern couples choose to have a civil wedding ceremony with no religious elements. New York’s famous City Hall is one of the most popular civil marriage venues in the US, and the trend has spread across the globe. You can hold your civil ceremony at your local town hall or registrar’s office, and though not obligatory, most brides and grooms have their ceremony immediately before their wedding reception and celebrations. Brides will want to choose the most perfect dress for this special occasion.

Choosing your civil wedding dress

Since your civil ceremony is normally right before your luxury wedding celebrations, you can wear a formal wedding gown if you like. However, it’s not mandatory to go for the big dress, and you can wear whatever you wish. We would recommend choosing civil wedding bride’s attire that is in keeping with tradition, and many brides select a short white or plain coloured dress.

Finding great City Hall wedding dresses

A bridal dress for civil ceremony weddings can be in keeping with tradition, yet a little more relaxed than a formal gown. Knee length sheath dresses or pretty prom style dresses are appropriate, and you can select one that complements your chosen luxury wedding theme.

Many designers do a range of shorter wedding dresses in a variety of styles that are ideal for city hall weddings, and we’ve selected a few to inspire and guide you.









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