Wedding make-up for the 1920’s look

The 20’s was the era when make-up really took off, so you’ll find plenty of wonderful ideas to emulate when you plan your beautiful and romantic wedding day look.


Begin at the beginning

When creating make-up for your Great Gatsby inspired wedding, getting the base right is important.

Don’t be tempted to use bronzers and highlighters. The roaring 20’s flapper girl look was pale and delicate, and vintage make-up was matte ivory or cream, with powder a big hit of the time. Your make-up professional will probably create your base using a matte foundation that is a shade lighter than your skin tone, before finishing with translucent powder.

And finish beautifully

A dark grey shadow applied from the lash to the browbone gives that smokey look. Eyeliner can be lightly smudged and swept up slightly at the outer corners, and lashes should be curled before applying mascara for a wide-eyed look.

Lips should follow the ‘cupid’s bow’ shape that was popular, with a full bottom lip and a pronounced ‘bow’ shape on the upper lip. Your make-up artist can create the perfect shape using pencil, before filling in with lipstick. Deep plum, raspberry or wine are authentic, or perhaps a deep red for daytime.

Finish your 1920’s inspired wedding make-up with a dusting of rose or peach blusher, and see our other articles on Gatsby themed weddings for further inspiration.