Bridesmaids gifts


Your bridesmaids are there to help you through every step of your marriage from the initial planning to the last day before your wedding. To thank them for all the friendship and support that they offer at every stage you will want to choose very special wedding bridesmaids gifts. Choosing wedding gifts for bridesmaids The gifts that you select should …

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Civil wedding and wedding dresses


Your civil marriage Many modern couples choose to have a civil wedding ceremony with no religious elements. New York’s famous City Hall is one of the most popular civil marriage venues in the US, and the trend has spread across the globe. You can hold your civil ceremony at your local town hall or registrar’s office, and though not obligatory, …

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Wedding hairstyle for short hair


Hairstyle inspiration for short hair Lucky you, you have short hair and can create a luxurious wedding hairstyle easily. Short hair is perfect for retro looks. The bride-to-be can wear short hair curled out or under at the ends, or have waves all over. Wear short hair straightened and tucked behind your ears for a super feminine look, perhaps accessorised …

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Wedding hairstyle for middle lenght hair


Hairstyle inspiration for mid-length hair As a bride to be with mid-length hair, you’re free to choose almost any luxurious wedding hairstyle you wish. Hair can be worn either up or down, and can be waved or straightened to suit your theme or gown. Try a sophisticated side parting, perhaps with root lift at the back for extra height to …

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Wedding hairstyle for long hair


Luxury wedding hairstyle for long hair Long hair is a dream when it comes to finding hairstyle inspiration for the bride-to-be. A classic twisted knot looks elegant, while a sleek twisted bun is perfect for any weather. The classic ballerina bun still looks modern today, and can be perfected with shine spray. A sophisticated pony tail is a nice alternative. …

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Wedding hairstyle


The finishing touches – your wedding hairstyle You’ve found those fabulous shoes and accessories. Your magnificent gown is ready for you to walk down the aisle to your perfect groom. Now you need to find that glamorous finishing touch – your luxury wedding hairstyle. The importance of luxury wedding hairstyles You’ll want your hair to look fabulous, but it must …

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Wedding veil


All about wedding veils There is nothing that says ‘bride’ quite as well as the magical bridal veil. Your wedding day is one occasion where wearing a veil is almost expected, and it will make you feel like the most beautiful bride in the world. Traditionally, the bride’s father would lift the veil when they reached the altar, formally presenting …

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1920’s make up


Wedding make-up for the 1920’s look The 20’s was the era when make-up really took off, so you’ll find plenty of wonderful ideas to emulate when you plan your beautiful and romantic wedding day look. Begin at the beginning When creating make-up for your Great Gatsby inspired wedding, getting the base right is important. Don’t be tempted to use bronzers …

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Wedding dress


How to select THE wedding dress? Congratulations, you’re getting married! Choosing just the right dress is one of the most important things that you’ll do as you plan for your wedding. Before you rush to the bridal shops it’s good to know how to choose the perfect wedding dress between so many fabulous gowns. [Not a valid template] Finding inspiration …

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The Bachelorette party


Planning the perfect bachelorette party is one of the fun parts of getting married that your bridesmaids can organise, perhaps with some input from you. With so many exceptional destinations or themes to choose from, you can be sure of an unforgettable party to celebrate your final days of single life. Who do I invite? You are free to invite …

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