The latest ‘must have’ bridal accessories


Skin jewellery is an elegant new way to add something a little different to your bridal look. You can choose these beautifully crafted pieces to wear instead of jewellery for your special day, or to highlight the pieces you have selected to wear.

What are skin jewels?

Each piece of skin jewellery is made from delicate lace and ribbon, and you can select a pattern to enhance your gown or luxury wedding theme from a range that includes flowers, hearts, stars and wings.

The ‘must have’ bridal accessory, this luxury jewel fits like a second skin. Created by designer Ines de Castilho, this season’s skin jewellery features Swarovski elements and though white is the most popular colour for brides, you can also choose these discreet and elegant jewels in pastel shades, or opulent, rich colours to match your beautiful gown or flowers.

Simple and effective, skin jewellery is an elegant way to add a contemporary facet to your romantic look.