Choosing the perfect engagement ring

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for your future bride is a symbol of your love and lasting commitment, so choosing the right one is vital. Charles Lewis Tiffany was the creator of the engagement ring as we know it today, and Tiffany is renowned for some of the finest in the world.

Why select a Tiffany ring?

Tiffany is one of the most famous jewellers in the world. Their name, and their signature blue box is instantly recognisable, and they are known for their incredible diamond solitaires. Tiffany also offer a fabulous collection that includes three stone bands if you’re looking for a slight alternative to the classic solitaire.

What points will I have to consider?

Most aspiring fiances won’t know a lot about carat, cut, clarity and colour, or how to select a magnificent stone. While many jewellers cut diamonds to make the most of carat weight, Tiffany go further than the 4 c’s and always cut for the maximum brilliance and beauty – another reason why so many girls have their heart set on a Tiffany engagement ring.

The setting is your next consideration, and the famous ‘Tiffany Setting’, designed by Charles Lewis Tiffany over 100 years ago is still considered one of the best for showing beautiful diamonds to perfection. Some girls prefer a more unusual setting, and Tiffany don’t disappoint with a range of plain and diamond embellished bands.

Where can I get some help?

Ask your future wife to help you to choose the perfect Tiffany engagement ring. Invite her to design her beautiful engagement ring using the Tiffany website, or using the unique ‘Tiffany engagement ring finder’ app which you can download. This allows you both to be involved in the process, and assures you of getting it right. You may also enlist the help of a Tiffany diamond expert, or contact us for ideas and assistance.