The magnificent 500 year old giant redwoods at Big Sur, California were a fitting background for the marriage of former Facebook president and Napster co-founder Sean Parker and singer/songwriter Alexandra Lenas. Their shared love of ancient growth forest was the initial inspiration behind this enchanting one of a kind wedding, where a ‘Lord of the Rings Theme‘ set was a visual masterpiece designed by Ken Fulk with stunning floral elements.


Marriage Organization

Each step of the organization was overseen by the groom to ensure that the event was the ‘performance art wedding’ that he and his bride desired. A 20 foot high gate, embellished with the intertwined initials of the couple opened on to an undulating path lined with imported evergreens, strewn with pristine white blossom.

Garlands hung in streamers from branches like ethereal mists, arched bridges, adorned with glimmering lanterns lead to the altar under the tallest tree, where Roman columns a ruined castle and a 10 foot high Celtic cross added to the fairytale ambience of the magnificent flower filled glade.


The lounge area was a riot of couches covered in furs and the dining area featured white sheepskin on every chair. Guests were treated to a lavish medieval feast with spit roasts, venison and chicken, and sweet delicacies served on rustic trestles adorned with glass encased white candles. A 6 tier, 9 foot high wedding cake was decorated with white flowers and frolicking bunny rabbits were available for cuddles. After dark, the hillside was illuminated casting a magical glow over the celebrations.

364 Guests

Each of the 364 guests was attired in custom made Tolkien-esque clothing, created by ‘Lord of the Rings’ costume designer Ngila Dickson, silks and velvets for the ladies, brocade vests and frock coats for the gentlemen.

Every aspect of this exquisite, luxury wedding, from the carefully selected music, the glorious floral arrangements and the magnificent set and lighting, to the very special keepsake volumes presented to guests illustrating the couple’s own fairytale romance, was presided over by Sean Parker and the end result was a splendid gala performance of epic proportions.

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